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 mediums & styles

'50 Deluxe

Bold shapes; usually saturated colors.

My journey with color began with the fabulous cultures of NM and continues with what makes me happy. I "see" colors that may not actually be there, but wish they were.

Not all my acrylic & oil pieces are electric color, but most of them lean that way. It's difficult not to paint some southwestern pieces when you live in New Mexico!

I've been having fun with this style!

An image (so far, just the digitally created images) is printed with archival inks on fine art canvas and then I completely paint the image again - usually with changes resulting in a different, and sometimes better piece than the first image. Each one is a one-of-a-kind.

I started painting (this time around) using Sketch Club, my iPad and a stylus. I fell in love with creating this way and it fit well into my lifestyle at the time. I've expanded to acrylic on canvas or board. I still love to create illustrations and musings.

These images are printed on 300# fine art cotton rag with archival pigment inks or on gallery wrapped canvas.

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