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Colors! Sometimes fun, other times a problem?

I always have a difficult time deciding what to paint next. I have images in my head, but they usually aren't complete - sometimes they never become complete. After dreaming about them and mulling the idea around, I might finally give one a try.

I've been thinking about this particular abstract for weeks...

Here's a small 14"x14" section (from a 24"x30" canvas) of the work in progress.

I'm realizing that it's the same colors as another abstract called RightSideUp that I did a few months ago. GAH. It was supposed to be just blues, oranges, rusty browns, and some yellow/gold for highlights.

I couldn't help myself... the dioxazine purple snuck in and then the others followed. Now I have to decide whether to paint over the other colors, or give in to the fact that I love all these colors together!

Funny.... I really like just this small 14"x14" section!

Hmmm... maybe prints of just this section.

I still have a lot of cleaning up to do, and the color decision to make.

Advise? Suggestions? What do you think?

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