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Fine Arts Exhibit, NM State Fair 2017

When I was a kid, visiting the Fine Arts Exhibit Bldg. was always a wonderful part of going to the Fair. And it is to this day. Since my father is an artist, I felt a bit like I was walking around with a Super Star - and of course I was! My parents know a lot of people - many are artists. We usually ran into a few of them in that building.

2016 Fine Art Gallery

Last year I (very nervously) entered the jury process for the first time with four paintings; Such Brave Pansies!, Canyon Light, '50 Deluxe, and RightSideUp. To my utter delight and surprise, all four were accepted! I didn't sell any of them, but I did sell several prints.

This year I entered four and all were accepted again! I am so jazzed!! So go see my paintings and let me know what you think!

I also have some prints in the prints bins.

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